Bandsaw Blades

L.A Grinding Company has a state of the art welding center capable of making custom welded-to-length bandsaw blades for most applications. Bandsaws can be custom ordered and made while you wait (between the hours of 8 AM – 3PM).

Carbon Steel

Flex-Back and Neo-Type are made from high carbon steel. These Carbon steel blades are economically priced and they provide exceptional value for general purpose wood, aluminum and mild steel cutting applications.


Die Master 2 and Classic are made with cobalt high speed steel tooth edge combined with a durable, spring steel backing material. This blade cuts faster and lasts longer than basic carbon steel blades. These blades work exceptionally well on hard woods and metals, from mild through stainless steel.

Carbide Tipped

Tri Master Blades are made with precision triple chip grind teeth. This blade will outlast all others when cutting abrasive materials such as tropical woods, aluminum and even brass.

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