Stitching Wire DeSpooling


Smart Drum
Wire System

Highest capacity stitching wire systems in the industry.
L.A. Grinding offers proven increased production, cost savings and safest high capacity wire stitching system in the industry.

Smart Drum Wire System Highlights

  • System made for high speed stitching, inline stitching, press utilizations and many other applications.
  • No twist wire coiling technique.
  • Produces straighter wire that is easier on your stitching equipment which reduces parts and maintenance costs.
  • Simple, quick-connect conduit system gets the stitching wire from the Smart Drum Wire System to the stitching head cleanly and safely.
  • System increases productivity and saves money.

Increase productivity by reducing downtime

Smart Drums contains 650 lbs. of wire. That is equal to nearly 16 standard 40 lb. spools and more than 9 standard 70 lb. coils. If you do the math, then you can calculate how much time you will save, just eliminating spool changes. Spend more time stitching and less time changing spools and equipment.

Reduce wear and tear on stitching heads

Smart Drum Wire is twist-free because it has no helix or cast. There is no “twisting or turning” of the wire as it enters the stitching head or inline stitching section.

Easy to set up

L.A. Grinding’s Smart Drum Wire System is easy to set up and the Smart Hood assembly can be used over and over again. The easy to use assembly offers quick changes and hookups.