Paper Knife Cutters & Accessories

Aerosol Sprays

Anti-Static Spray

It counteracts static electricity charges that attract dust. Prevents materials from feeding properly or “shock” equipment operators.

All Purpose Shop Solvent

A non-chlorinated degreaser

Silicone Spray

It stops squealing, sticking, and binding of machinery.

RD-90 Spray Lubricant

It is versatile enough for use on printing presses.

Glass Cleaner

Cleans glass, enamel surfaces, chrome, tile, porcelain and other hard surfaces.

Spray Adhesive

It is non-wrinkling; repositionable, water-resistant and does not stain. Ideal for quick layouts and paste-ups.

Rubber Cleaner & Rejuvenator

It cleans and revitalizes ink-laden, hardened rubber rollers and blankets in the print shop. Restores smooth surfaces and increases productivity.

Saw Cleaner Pitch & Gum Remover

Quickly cleans saws, router bits and shaper cutters. It’s safe to use on carbide, high-speed steel, stainless steel and cast iron surfaces.

3M™ Super 77™

It is a multipurpose adhesive and a fast-drying glue that you just spray on.

Cutting Sticks

LA Grinding offers a wide selection of cutting sticks. Cutting sticks are a crucial component of paper trimming machinery. A proper selection on a cutting stick can significantly improve production, cut quality and extend the life of your knife. Our experienced sales representatives will work closely with you to determine the type of cutting stick you need for your specific cutting environment.


This grade is a high density Polyethylene and is usually a green or white color stick. This grade of stick is the most popular for general use with all grades of industrial knives. We provide accurately machined sizes to fit your cutter tables. The cutting sticks are available cut to length or in full 118″ bars.


These cutting sticks are usually a gray color. These heavy-duty Polypropylene sticks are intended for hard use in high volume cutting environments.

Original Red

These PVC cutting sticks are red in color and are very popular in the flat stick designs.

White Nylons

These hard, cast nylon cutting sticks are very dense and are specifically suited to high-volume pounding and cutting.

Paper Joggers

Paper joggers are ideal for offices, print shops and mail rooms. Used to help eliminate static in documents and align pages, these tools are perfect for high speed copiers, printing presses, cutters, and more.

  • Table Top Jogger
  • Multi-Bin Table Top Jogger
  • Flat Top Jogger
  • Floor Standing Jogger

Jogger Blocks

Jogger Blocks provide the most efficient and safe way to jog and hold paper in a cutter.

  • Slides easily reducing operator fatigue
  • Strong Magnetic Base helps prevent small stacks from falling over
  • Strong Horizontal Handle.
  • Made of 3/4″ Thick Heavy Duty Wood
  • Slides easily reducing operator fatigue
  • Strong Magnetic Base helps prevent small stacks from falling over
  • Strong Vertical Handle.
  • Made of 1″ Thick Heavy Duty Plastic