Food Processing and Packaging

L.A. Grinding specializes in premium machine knives for food manufacturing and packaging. L.A. Grinding is your go-to source for machine knives and tools for vertical and horizontal packaging and food processing applications. Our knives are manufactured from premium stainless and hardened tool steels including micro-grain carbides to the highest industry standards. We specialize in tooth knives for vertical bagging, case and tray sealing, pouch cutting blade sets, and hole punches for the most common packaging machines. As an added value, L.A. Grinding is an industry leader providing industrial sharpening services at very competitive pricing.

Pouch Cutting Knives

L.A. Grinding’s premium steel replacement pouch cutting knives are an integral component for horizontal bag and pouch-making applications.

Engineered with tight tolerances, manufactured from the best materials available, and combined with our razor-sharpened edges guarantees the performance we’re known for.

Vertical Bagger Cutoff Knives

L.A. Grinding is your go-to source for VFFS bag cutting applications. Available with standard and custom tooth styles in stainless and premium tool steels.

Horizontal Wrapper Knives and Anvils

Our knives and anvils are manufactured from High-Speed tool steels and solid carbide materials with standard and variable pitch zig-zag tooth patterns in central and bias configurations.

Hole Punch and Tear Notches

L.A. Grinding offers hole punches, tear-notches, and tear-notch blades for vertical and horizontal applications.

Available in a variety of designs and configurations.

Styles: Euro/Sombreo, Gussett, Hanger Hole, Serrated, Solid, Tear-Notch

Case Sealing Tape Cutoff Knives

L.A. Grinding case sealing tape knives are designed to provide superior performance for your tape cutting applications. Manufactured from stainless and premium tool steels for added tool life.