Ice Rinks Products

L.A. Grinding is the premier source for high quality ice rink supplies and sharpening for resurfacing blades used for maintaining the fastest sheet of ice. Large arenas, training facilities and outside rinks have depended on our scheduled service and keeping their inventory of blades in rotation. We offer more than a sharpening service but a valuable resource for replacement blades and service options that works best for our customers. Contact us today for additional information

  • Pick Up
  • Receive (Order Entry)
  • Inspect / Clean
  • Measure & Straighten (If Necessary)
  • Sort by Steel Composition
  • Grind
  • Polish Grind
  • Hone
  • Final Inspection (Polish, Honing, Cosmetics)
  • Deliver

Hand Held Edger Replacement Knives

In addition to Ice Scraper Knives, L.A. Grinding is also a provider of Hand Held Ice Edger Replacement Knives. Our own Ice Edger Knives are:

  • Made out of high performance steel
  • Made 1” wide for extended life

L.A. Grinding also offers Ice Edger Knife resharpening. Save money by sending them in to get resharpened

Ice Resurfacing Knives

L.A. Grinding stocks the best quality Ice Resurfacing Knives. All knives are made exactly to O.E.M. specs using the highest quality tool steel to assure optimal performance and extended life for the knives. L.A. Grinding sells knives for the following machines:

  • Olympia
  • Sports Ice
  • Zamboni

Ice Rinks Parts

Blue Non Woven Micro Super Fiber Towel 1KA1015

Water Pump Impeller 1KA1007

Bushing Kits 1KA1012

Stainless Steel Bolt Kits 1KA1004

Thomsenzam Power Edger Bits (Set of 2) 1KA1011

Oly Power Edger Stick Tools (Set of 4) 1KA1010

Hand Edger With Replaceable Blade 1KA1006

Ice Resurfacing Knives For All Makes And Models PK031391

Studded Tires 1KA1018

Board Brushes 1KA1017

Rubber Gum Squeege 1KA1013