P351 False Clamp Latch Pin Assembly

Each assembly includes the latch pin, the spring (205687), the knurled knob with lock pin (205527, 200787) and a self-locking hex nut. Polar False Clamp Latch Pin Assembly. Fits Polar 92, 115, 137 and 155 ED, X, XT and XS models. Fits all 78 models. Measures approximately 60mm (2.375”) long. The main latch area is 8mm in diameter by 20mm long. Includes latch pin (232333), perpendicular dowel pin (201558), spring (205687) and self locking hex nut (201091).


Pollar Cutter Model 115, 137, 155 ED, 92, X, XS, XT
Original Part # 200787, 205527, 205687
Fits Machines by Polar