M540 Micro Switch

Micro Switch for Polar Backgauge. They Honeywell Micro Switch is for the Polar clamp top position (229321) and the backgauge front and rear limit position. Direct replacement for the original Burgess GVTFYR switches which are no longer availabe. Equivalent to Polar part number 211829 and 210413. This is also a direct replacement for the Miltac SAIA 209 XGK2 switch used on the hand fine adjustment on some Polar cutters. Original Polar part number 213127. Also a direct replacement for the Hartmann Series F66 switch used insde some of the very early Polar cut buttons.


Pollar Cutter Model POLAR BACKGAUGE
Original Part # 210413, 211829, 213127
Fits Machines by Polar