PA1550 Turnbuckle Nut

Turnbuckle Nut for Polar pull arm assembly. Fits Polar EMC MON, EMC II, E, ED, X and XT of Polar 115 and 137 paper cutters. Overall length is 120mm (4.750”) long, outside hex size of 36mm, has both a LEFT hand and RIGHT hand M24 internal thread.


Pollar Cutter Model 115 E, 115 ED, 115 EMC II, 115 EMC MON, 115 X, 115 XT, 137 E, 137 ED, 137 EMC II, 137 EMC MON, 137 X, 137 XT
Original Part # 230046, 230046A, 258645
Fits Machines by Polar