Paper Drill Bits

L.A. Grinding’s heavy-duty hollow paper drill bits are made in the USA of one-piece construction from the finest quality tool steel. Micro finished on the inside to allow chips to flow easily and reduce clogging. Every drill bit is thoroughly inspected after each machining and finishing process to ensure the highest quality product on the market. Packaged in reclosable plastic tubes for convenience and protection.

Available in Teflon, Flute, and Marvel

Teflon Most Teflon coated bits may look the same but aren’t. LAGCO Teflon coated bits are superior. LAGCO Teflon has a different chemical formulation and is applied differently than other Teflon coated drill bits. LAGCO Teflon bits are tougher and hold up longer. Standard Teflon coated bits showed wear after 50 lifts of drilling; so-called premium Teflon coated bits showed wear after 400 lifts; LAGCO Teflon, we stopped testing after 1500 lifts with no real signs of wear!
Fluted LAGCO fluted drills are designed to handle your toughest stocks. The four flutes force the chips to “cup” tightly so they can flow easily and cleanly up and out of the drill bit. Not recommended for soft stocks. Limited sizes and styles are available.
Marvel LAGCO Marvel drills are carbide coated (also called dimonized). The carbide coating is fused to the outside of the drill bit to give you the longest-lasting cutting edge for those really hard-to-drill stocks. Limited sizes and styles are available.

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