Paper Converting

Paper converting is the process by which large rolls of paper are resized to manufacture products for consumer use. In the paper converting industry, it is essential to have smooth running machines and minimal downtime. L.A. Grinding is proud to offer our California, Nevada and Arizona customers an extensive inventory of paper converting knives and blades, including paper knives and paper knife accessories such as knife bolts, polar knife bolts, shear bolts and pins, book clamps, knife bolt wrenches and parts for polar paper cutters. L.A. Grinding supplies paper converting knives for operations which may involve slitting, grooving, punching, perforating, binding and folding.

All of our paper converting knives and blades are made exactly from OEM specifications with the highest quality steels. L.A. Grinding offers paper conversion knives in either regular carbon steel or high speed steel, which will prolong the lifetime of the paper converting blade.

L.A. Grinding supplies customers with highly durable blades for the paper converting industry. To view our selection of paper knives, please click here.

There are several paper conversion processes. Some of the processes include reel slitting, perforating and packaging. Different types of paper converting depend on the use which the user has in mind.

Reel Slitting

Generally, paper is manufactured in large rolls and needs to be reduced into smaller rolls used for easier printing and other tasks. The process of cutting large rolls of paper into smaller rolls is called reel-slitting.

Perforating of Papers

Perforating paper involves puncturing the papers with a perforating machine, making small holes in the paper to make cutting easier. The perforations allow for the easy separation of a paper into different pieces following the line of the perforations.


The most commonly used material in the packaging industry is paper. Recycled paper, paper board and Kraft packaging are commonly converted to serve as packaging material.

L.A. Grinding offers paper conversion knives and blades for all types of paper converting processes including reel slitting, perforating and packaging. We carry stock blades for all major paper manufacturing and paper conversion equipment for the converting industry. If we can’t supply your blade needs from our extensive retail center inventory in California, Arizona or Nevada, then L.A. Grinding can customize a specialty blade for your specific cutting needs.

In addition to paper converting knives, L.A. Grinding sells all types of industrial knives and offers complete knife sharpening services for customers in California, Arizona and Nevada. L.A. Grinding will sharpen your paper knives, reconditioning perforated blades to their original density, so your paper converting knives can continue to function with a high degree of precision for years.

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