Challenge 370 / 420 Knife Change Handle S-1245-4

Knife Change Handle for early models of Challenge 370 G, 370 GM, 370 GMA, 370 GPM paper cutters, up to serial number 28874. This knife change handle, or knife lifter, also fits the Challenge 420 G, 420 GM, 420 GMA, and the 420 GPB Paper Cutters, up to serial number 30187.

This solid steel handle is 6 1/2 inches long with a 1/2-12 thread. It measures 15/16″ from the tip of the threads to the main shoulder. It is made from 1″ hex bar stock. Equivalent to Challenge Knife Lifter Part Number S-1245-4.

Although these are used in pairs we are selling them individually. Price is for a single handle.


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