Clamp Pedal Cam Wedge 205844

Clamp Pedal Cam Wedge, for Polar Paper Cutters (equivalent to Polar 205844). This nylon wedge measures 3/4″ X 1″ X 2-7/16″ long. It is made from a solid block of nylon, and it has a threaded brass insert with an M8 thread. It mounts on the foot pedal clamp shaft bracket, which is connected to the clamp foot pedal. Its angled face pushes against the plunger on the hydraulic valve as the foot pedal is depressed.

It was used on Polar cutters made between approximately 1968 through 1982, such as the Polar EL, Polar CE, and Polar CS models.

Please note that the photo shows 2 pieces for clarity. Price is for 1 piece.

Made in USA.


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