Jam Nut, Right Hand, M24 x 1.5mm thread – PA1552

This 24 mm right hand jam nut is used on the Pull Arm Assembly (or Draw Arm) on most of the newer and larger Polar paper cutters. It fits the newer models of Polar 115 and Polar 137 guillotine paper cutters (115 EMC MON, 115 EMC II, 115 S, 115 E, 115 ED, 115 X, and 115 XT, 137 EMC MON, 137 EMC II, 137 S, 137 E, 137 ED, 137 X, and 137 XT). After approximately 1984, the pull arms changed to the style that uses a single shear bolt in the pull arm. These are the models that use this RH hex jam nut.

Equivalent to Polar part numbers 200606, 200606 a, ZA3.202616, 202116, and 202116 a.

M24 x 1.5 mm right hand thread. (36 mm across the hex flats)


Collection Polar Cut Switch – 027291 (CS-490)