Knob for Backgauge Handfine Adjustment – K25

Knob or handwheel for hand fine backgauge adjustment on many models of Polar Paper Cutters. (Equivalent to Polar Handwheel part number 017457, ZA3.017457, and 017302) This steel and plastic knob fits just under the table on the front of the paper cutter. The plastic handwheel part measures about 2 3/4″ in diameter. It has an overall length, including the steel shank, of 3″ long. It has two M8 tapped holes, just like on the original, to install set screws to hold it in place. The set screws are included.

Also included is a replacement switch button, equivalent to the original Polar part number 017769.

Made in USA.


Collection Shear Bolts and Shear Pins