Muller Martini Knife Bolt – B707

RIBE style cap screw or knife bolt for many of the Muller Martini cutters, including the 3-knife trimmers, the Zenith Trimmer, and the Muller Martini Merit. This steel blade bolt comes complete with an attached hardened washer which rotates in place but will not fall off. The screw threads are M10 X 1.5mm. The bolt measures 26.5mm long (1.04″), including the head. It is 16.5mm long (5/8″) below the washer. The outside diameter of the washer is 20mm (.79″) in diameter. The bolts and washers are black oxide treated.

These blade bolts or blade screws have a RIBE or polydrive head, Grade 10.9 steel. (equivalent to Muller Martini blade bolt part number 3670.4320.4)

Please note that the photo shows 2 pieces for clarity. Price is for 1 piece.


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