Polar Air Jet Nozzle – AJ504

Air Jet Nozzle for Polar paper cutters. (equivalent to Polar 042808, ZA3.042808, 042808a, and ZA3.042808a)

These air jets or air nozzles are used in 2 mm thick Polar guillotine paper cutter air tables and air feed tables for material flotation. They allow for easy movement of stacks of paper or card stock by allowing the stock to float on a thin layer of air. Once the stock clears the button the air jet closes off to prevent wasting air.

They measure 17.1 mm in diameter at their top flange and are 32 mm long. This style of air jet has been generally used in Polar cutters built since the 1990’s, such as all of the E, ED, X, and XT models.

These air jets will also fit some of the Polar paper joggers and some of the triangle table extensions that mount on the front of Polar paper cutters.

Please note that the photo shows 2 pieces for clarity. Price is for 1 piece.


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