Polar Cut Switch – 033678

This cut button or cut switch is used on the front of the table on all of the Polar model S, E, ED, X, and XT paper cutters. (equivalent to Polar 033678 and ZA3.033678, “Cutting Releaser Unit Cpl”) It fits the Polar 58 E, 78 E, 78 ED, 78 X, 78 XT, 92 S, 92 E, 92 ED, 92 X, 92 XT, 115 S, 115 E, 115 ED, 115 X, 115 XT, 137 S, 137 E, 137 ED, 137 X, 137 XT, 155 E, 155 ED, 155 X, and 155 XT cutters.

This cut button switch will also fit the Baumcut 26.4 (after serial number 76D1001), and the Baumcut 31.5 (after serial number 76N1001).

This is an aftermarket, Made in USA, switch which is a direct replacement for the original. The 4 male connector pins are gold plated for long life. The switch and connector cable are pre-wired for a direct replacement. The internal switch components are an EATON M22 modular switch assembly which is Made in Germany.

The back cover is held in place with screws (not glue like on the original) so that the internal switch contactors are accessible and replaceable if necessary. The face of the switch assembly measures 126mm (4-15/16″) wide by 75mm (2-15/16″) tall. The 5mm diameter mounting holes in the face are 105mm (4-1/8″) apart.

For a cut switch for some of the Polar EMC model paper cutters see our part number CS-525.


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