Polar Gear G335 (245010)

His black plastic gear is also known as “Gear No 2”. It has 68 teeth and measures approximately 105 mm (4 1/8″) in diameter (this refers to the outside diameter measured over the teeth). It measures 15mm (9/16″) wide at the gear teeth and has a 19mm (3/4″) diameter bore, with a 6mm wide keyway.

This black plastic gear is used on the hand fine adjustment shaft on many models of Polar paper cutters, including the Polar 78 E, Polar 78 ED, Polar 78 X, Polar 78 XT. It is also used on the Polar 92 E, Polar 92 ED, Polar 92 S, Polar 92 X, and Polar 92 XT models, after machine serial number 6511201.

It is also used on Polar 76 EM models with a machine serial number higher then serial number 5761301. For Polar 76EM models that came before serial number 5761301 see our part number G338.


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