Polar Knife Changing Handle 010113

Knife Changing Handle or Knife Holder for Polar 90EL, 90CE, 92CE, 112ST, 115CE, 115EL (late models), 115ST, 150CE, and 155CE Paper Cutters. These are equivalent to, and a direct replacement for, the original Polar part number 010113. This “insert and twist” type blade support handle, or blade lifter, has a solid nylon plastic body with a plastic handle. The steel shaft is 10mm (.39″) in diameter with a fixed solid steel 4mm diameter pin for sliding down the slot. It is used for blade changing on most Polar 90 EL, 90 CE (later models), 92 CE, 112 ST, 115 CE, 115 EL later models, 115 ST, 150 CE, 150 EL, & 155 CE paper cutters. These all require this 1/4 turn twist type knife support for use during knife changes.


Collection Split Pulley Shim – SP202