Polar Pinion Gear 245954 – G315

Polar Pinion Gear (equivalent to Polar 245954, ZA3.245954, 245954B, ZA3.245954B, also replaces Polar 014628, and 014628b)

This bronze pinion or “gear” is used in the blade carrier. It measures 25 mm (.98″) in diameter at the large end X 65 mm (2.56″) long. There are 7 gear teeth at the back end, and there is an 8 mm hex socket at the front end.

This is used on the Polar 92 EMC, Polar 92 EMC Mon, Polar 92 E, Polar 92 ED, Polar 92 X, and Polar 92 XT model paper cutters.


Collection Shear Bolts and Shear Pins