Polar Push Button Cut Switch (027293) CS-500

This cut button or cut switch is used on the front of the table on many Polar paper cutters. (replaces Polar 027293, 010053, 010054, 010055, 015105, 015098, and 015237)

This is an aftermarket switch, Made in USA, which is a direct replacement for the cut switches which have a 4 pin and 5 pin connector. The connector pins are gold plated for long life. The switch and connector cable are pre-wired for a direct replacement. The internal switch components are a Moeller M22 modular switch assembly which is Made in Germany. (Now being made by Eaton since they were bought out.) The face measures 127mm (5″) wide by 94mm (3-11/16″) tall. The 5mm diameter mounting holes in the face are 104mm (4-1/8″) apart. Also interchanges with Polar 014755, 014222, and 017325.

The back cover of our switch assembly is installed with removable screws, unlike the original Polar switch, which was glued on. This makes it possible to trouble shoot any wiring problems without having to break the back cover to get it off.

For a cut switch for some of the Polar EMC model paper cutters see our part number CS-525.


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