Prism Shear Bolt – S176

Steel Shear Pins for Prism 115 and Prism 137 Paper Cutters, including the Prism QZK guillotine paper cutter models. (equivalent to Prism 250600745) This steel shear pin or shear bolt is an aftermarket direct replacement for the original bolt supplied by the factory on Prism P115 and Prism P137 paper cutters. The main shank is 14mm (.55″) in diameter and is 40mm (1.57″) long below the head. It has an M14 thread.

Included with each of these shear bolts or safety bolts is a mating flange nut. (this is equivalent to Prism nut 250600933) The head is 32mm (1.26″) in diameter with two flats. The head is offset or eccentric to the shank.


Collection Eurocutter Knife Bolt – B706