Sliding Piece & Wedge – Polar 247273 and 247274

Backgauge Sliding piece and Wedge for Polar guillotine paper cutter backgauges. These small black plastic parts fit along the bottom front edge of the rake or backgage fingers. They prevent the bottom of the paper stack from sliding under the backgauge. They also help to keep the bottom of the rake from wearing grooves in the table

The 6 mm wide sliding piece (equivalent to Polar part number 247273 or ZA3.247273) is inserted under the back gauge or “rear fence”, and it is held in place by the Wedge or Fitting Key. (equivalent to Polar part numbers 247274 and 439907 or ZA3.247274 and ZA3.439907)

These two pieces are sold together as a set. Please note that the photo shows 3 sets for clarity. Each set includes 1 Sliding Piece and 1 Fitting Key Wedge.


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