Wohlenberg 92 G Shear Bolt – S205

Alloy Steel Shear Bolt for Wohlenberg 92 G Paper Cutters (7003224, 5102904, 5028857).

This alloy steel shear pin or shear bolt fits the gear box on Wohlenberg 92 G Paper Cutters. The main thread is a metric 12 mm and measures 45 mm long below the head. It has a black oxide finish for corrosion protection.

These also fit some Wohlenberg 86 and Lawson Regent paper cutters.

These originally had a hole cross drilled through the side of the shank. However there was a recall on the original style bolt as they were too strong and would not break during an overload condition. This is the replacement style that was supplied after the recall.


Collection Eurocutter Knife Bolt – B706