Clamp Shim Support Kit (Polar 281709)

These blade shims or “blade clamp support pads” are used in many of the newer models of Polar 78 and Polar 92 guillotine paper cutters, such as the Polar 78 X, Polar 78 XS, Polar 78 XT, Polar 92 S, Polar 92 E, Polar 92 ED, Polar 92 X, and Polar 92 XT paper cutters. They are sold as a kit which includes the following parts:

  • Plastic shim or “supporting” (281709 or ZA3.281709) – 2
  • Plastic flat head M6 screw (203535 or ZA3.203535) – 4
  • The overall length of these plastic shims is approximately 130 mm long (5 1/8″ long) by approximately 39 mm wide (1-17/32″ wide). They measure approximately 4 mm thick (.158″ thick).
  • The tapered screw mounting holes are spaced approximately 90 mm (3-9/16″) apart from each other on the shim.

These black plastic clamp pad shims do not fit on the Polar 115, Polar 137, and Polar 155 paper cutters. For these cutters see our part number BS-2268.

For older cutters using blade shims that have no holes in them, see our part number BS-2272.


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