Claw Clutch Gear – G324 (Polar 206292)

Polar Claw Clutch Gear. Equivalent to the original Polar part number 206292. This 6 tooth or 6 lugged “gear” engages our part number G325 (Polar 206286), the Polar hand fine adjusting gear. It is used in the back gauge hand fine adjustment mechanism on most of the Polar EL, Polar ST and Polar CE paper cutters, such as the 71 & 72 models (before machine serial number 4551001), 90 CE, 115 CE (before machine serial number 4431931), and 150 & 155 CE paper cutters. It measures 1 1/4″ in diameter at the claw tooth end, by 1 3/8″ long. It is machined from delrin plastic.

Note that the photo shows 2 pieces for clarity. Price is for 1 piece.

Note that the roll pin cross hole in these parts was originally drilled at assembly, in the Polar factory. We are supplying this gear with the roll pin hole drilled only HALFWAY through the gear hub. It will be necessary to line up the hole, and then to run a drill bit through the hole in the gear, through the original hole in the shaft, and then to drill the rest of the way through the opposite side of the gear hub. Call for any questions about this.

This gear mates with our pinion gear, Compound part number G325.


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