Guide Shaft for Pull Arm in Polar 115 CE Paper Cutter

Guide shaft or guide rod for the center of the pull arm on Polar 115 CE, Polar 115 CS, and Polar 115 EL paper cutters. (207463) This 14mm diameter alignment rod fits up the middle of the pull arm to prevent it from flapping around and causing damage when the shear bolt breaks. It is made from centerless ground drill rod for maximum toughness. Overall length is approximately 15″ long. It is used in pull arms which have a roll pin for locking the bottom of the guide rod in place. If your pull arm uses a set screw to lock the bottom of the guide rod in place then you need our part number GS-350.

This guide shaft is held in place with a dowel pin. The guide shaft must be drilled in place to install it. Many cutter rebuilders and repair personnel will tap out the dowel pin hole in the lower arm and install a set screw. This will prevent having to drill out the guide shaft each time it is replaced.


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