Slot covering green belt (Polar 033637) GB-426

Slot covering tape or belt for Polar 78 guillotine paper cutters, such as the Polar 78 X, Polar 78 XS, Polar 78 XT, Polar 78 E, Polar 78 S, Polar 78 ES, and Polar 78 ED models. This green belt is equivalent to, and a direct replacement for, the original Polar part number 033637 or ZA3.033637. It is an aftermarket belt which is made from the same material as the original slot cover tape or belt.

Measures 39mm wide (1.53″ wide) by 1.25mm thick (.050″ thick). As shown in the photo, it includes the mounting grommet in one end and the mounting slots cut in the opposite end.


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