Lawson Knife Change Knob – K11

Eccentric Knife Changing Knob for Lawson Paper Cutters. This cast aluminum knob is 2-1/2″ in diameter, plus the thickness of the rubber o-ring. It has a threaded steel stud which can be rotated by turning the steel cross pin. The steel stud has a 1/2″-13 thread and is mounted off center from the center of the aluminum disc. This makes it possible to rotate the knob, once it has been screwed into place, so as to level the blade during installation into the blade carrier.

It is used to change the blade on Lawson paper cutters, including the Lawson Pacemaker II, and the Lawson Wohlenberg Regent paper cutter.

This is usually used in combination with one of our concentric knife changing knobs, part number K10.


Collection Split Pulley Shim – SP202