SP290 V Belt Pulley Assembly

V Belt Pulley Assembly for Polar EMC II, E and ED cutters. (231482, 231481 and 017289). This precision machined aluminum split pulley is a direct replacement for the original die cast pulley used on the tampered output shaft on the Polar model EMC II hydraulic pump. Outside diameter asures 7.375”. This pulley has been hardcoat anodized to give maximum hardness and wear resistance. Included is both pulley halves, three steel adjusting shims (230068 and 240788) and the bolts to hold the two halves together. Each shim is .5mm thick. The hub half includes threaded steel inserts to prevent threads from stripping.


Pollar Cutter Model 115 EMC II, 137 EMC II, 155 EMCII, 176 E, 92 EMC II, E, ED
Original Part # 017289, 230068, 231481, 231482, 240788
Fits Machines by Polar